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My journal is f-locked for no other reason than that I'm paranoid.
I love new friends, so if you think we might get along: friend me, leave a note here to let me know and I'll return the favour faster than you can say: 'antidisestablishmentarialism'.

ETA (25.08.08): Sorry about the flist cut, it's nothing personal. If you think I made a hideous mistake let me know. :D

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Sorry, I had a funny turn there.


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Hellololo. Have friended you because us Boosh and RiD fans gotta stick together! I came to your journal to see if I could use one of your beauteous Robots icons (could I, by the way?) and decided it was downright funky and I should friend you, because I want to know what's inside. Hm.

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Absolutely. On all counts. On the sticking together. And the icon use. I'd be giddy if you thought one of mine was good enough for you to use. :D


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so there!

Re: antidisestablishmentarialism

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Friended you already! :D
(deleted comment)

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The freaknasty is now public for the world to see. Just... don't think less of me for it, promise? :D

J&Y are teh roxx0rs.
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I've come by way of the writer's adding community, and am unfortunately too lazy to go back and reply to your post there.

You mentioned being interested in meeting other writers in the process of writing their novel, which I am (in the process, I mean, but also interested in meeting others who are, too).

So here I am, adding you. :D

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Wonderful! Added you back. :D

Good luck for your writing. ♥


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lets be friends, okay :]

Re: woah

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Let's. :D

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hi! i'm going to add you!
please add me back!
i'm a painter/mama/gypsy person and i think you're interesting....

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Love your icon, by the way. :)

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Hey silly, it's Aya/Abyssinian. I dunno if I told you or not, but I moved journals.

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And i cried myself to sleep when you didn't update anymore. Thank God it only took me an age to read this. Damn.

Will run to friend your new journal NOW. :D

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Hey, it's Rachel from the IAMX gig, mind if I add you?

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Of course! So glad you found me! After I came back from the trip I tried finding you, but for some reason thought your username had an h in the front. Oddness. haha.

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I think we met at Cargo...Alice introduced us by saying you were the most amazing person alive or something. I have no doubt in her judgement. :D

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We did indeed meet!

I´ll try and live up to the hype... and if i don`t i get to blame Alice. yay! :D

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I like you're smell; It's like a mixture of stale/sweet biscuits and loose tea.
I'm not too much of wiggle, i don't like grapefruit or shopping trollies, though even greater is my fear that they might one day cross-breed...Why the boosh not?
Want to be friendsies?

Cake and love.

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My tea is the loosest you can ever hope to find.

Let's be friends.

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Found you through glam_lolz and looks like we have a lot of the same interests, like old films and gay men. Or maybe just gay men in old films. Anyway, friended you. =)

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Excellent. Friended you back. :D

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i added you because you look cool :D
and your profile looks good.
and you're an IAMX/Robots fan.
s'all good.

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I added you back because anyone who's got an icon of Noel with a banana is my bestest friend ever. Banana's are the new black.

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Hello, I added you because I saw your 'A Bout De Souffle' icon on Plantebanjo's journal. Also you appear to be a lover of Booshy things, which is very good :D

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You have excellent taste in movies and tv. :D

Added you back!

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Hello dear, I mod [ profile] panelslash and by the looks of your interests and your userinfo (OMG ROBOTS IN DISGUISE) I think we will get along :3 Friends?

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i consider it an honor to be friends with anyone who's easy for Dara. :D

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So, yeah, I came here to friend you because of that hilarious fic and the ''GET OFF MY LAWN'' thing you posted (that made me laugh for 10 minutes solid) on the hethaven, and what do I see? John and Yoko. Plus, you know, ''You don’t need an edumacation.'' I think I need you as a friend ;D

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Oooh, you... ♥

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BOOSHHETHAVEN! I feel you are a fellow corner-lover and would therefore like to be your corner-loving friend.. xxx

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Corner-love is the perviest strongest kind of love.

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Judging by your interests we may well get along.
Also, Sue Denim. For no reason other than because.
Friend? :)

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MSPaintGENIUS wants to be your friend yesplease? =D

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I think we would be good friends, but, feel free to look at my interests to see if you believe we would mesh well.
No hard feelings if you feel like deleting me after a period of time. :)

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I just spend an insane amount of time giggling at your icons, I have a good feeling about this. :D

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hello hello! i was wondering if you fancy being lj pals? you have wonderful taste, and i will be full of comments. (if you were wondering, i found you via a boosh comm. naturally!) also i am new to this malarkey and need some lovely friends!

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Us being friends sounds like an excellent idea to me. :D

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Hello! Want to be friends? :D

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Absolutely. :)

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Bonjour à toi =)

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Hello! I have to confess that your beautiful Richard Ayoade/David Mitchell Big Fat Anniversary Quiz icons led me here, but now I am here, I see that we have some comedy interests in common. May I friend you?

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DEFINITELY! I just looked at your icons and still haven't stopped giggling. Father Ted and Boosh and Black Books and I think I love you. :D

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New friends are fun. What do you say?

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Absolutely! :)

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